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During my online dating journey, I was approached by many scammers. I recall this one specific guy who messaged me. He told me I was beautiful, and he was interested in getting to know me. The profile picture was very handsome and young. He claimed to be in the military. At this point in my journey, I knew about scammers and was always cautious but because he claimed to be military, I indulged him.

Naturally, I asked him a bunch of questions related to the military. Being a veteran of the Air Force, I feel it is my duty to call-out these losers who impersonate officers. He immediately asked for my phone number to which I declined. I took to Google and searched his image. What I found had me laughing. The same picture was on Twitter and Facebook, with different usernames. There were even FB posts warning about this guy being a scammer.

I knew it!

I was so proud of myself for ignoring his pretty face and using instincts, intelligence, and good judgment.

This is something that you can do too. It is not hard to spot online dating scammers once you know what you are looking for. Have you ever fallen for a handsome face only to be let down by being ghosted, ignored, or worse – phished? Don’t be embarrassed if you have because it happens to the best of us.

But, stop it right now.

Put a stop to these online scammers by recognizing them right away. I can spot online dating scammers a mile away. This skill has taken time and research. It’s not something I knew when I first began my online dating journey. Here is an easy to read guide with ten tips that I want to share with you at not cost.

I do admit that I have never been swindled out of money or possessions. Possibly, because I don’t have a lot of money, I’m financially responsible, and I’m not very trusting, to begin with. With that aside, I set out to research, how to spot an online dating scammer so that I could swipe left immediately.

What I learned astounded me. The lengths that these people go to steal money from innocent women (and men) are crazy. A scammer will make up stories, create full biographies, and then spend hours chatting it up. If they spent as much time on positive endeavors, they’d likely be millionaires. Seriously, use your efforts to write a novel or something! Geesh!

I took the guesswork out of spotting online dating scammers for you.

Spot Online Dating Scammers Free Download

Anyone who is online dating now or thinking about it in the future needs to pay attention to it. I wrote a FREE GUIDE to help you spot online dating scammers right away.

Online dating scams are ever-evolving so this guide is not going to 100% prevent you from being conned but it will give you 10 tips and what to watch out for.  The free guide is an overview of what you can expect to find when you are on any one of those online dating sites. Some sites are better at weeding out the scammers than others but many still slip through the cracks.

Don’t be a victim.

This free guide outlines 10 different ways to spot online dating scammers. Go ahead and get your free download today to help you have a more positive online dating experience.

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