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How Do I Find Mr. Right?

How do I Find Mr. Right

A Christian Girl’s Guide to Onine Dating

You may have asked yourself or your friends, how do I find Mr. Right?

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Millions of people are asking, “How do I find Mr. Right?” Online dating is nothing new. It’s been around for quite a while now. However, what has changed is the algorithm, the number of apps, and the players. Yes, I said players. What you find on many dating apps are tons of players. They are online dating because they think it is a game. There are many who are truly looking for love. How do those few people weed through the players to get to the good guys? How do I find Mr. Right?

A Christian Girl’s Guide to Online Dating, Staying Safe in a Modern Dating World is the answer.

This book helps women navigate the uncertainty of the online world. If you are new to online dating, that world can seem like a dangerous place to be. The truth is, it can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Even seasoned online daters can find it difficult to determine a scammer from the real deal.

How Do I Find Mr. Right

Which leads me to wonder, are you a serial dater?

What is a serial dater? It is someone who is dates a lot but never seems to commit. Something is always missing or wrong with the date. A serial dater is just the person who should read my book. Get out of the dating game and stop asking yourself, how do I find Mr. Right.

After many years of online dating, I wrote this book for you. For me it was all trial and error. I did the hard work so that you don’t have too. It took me four years of sifting through dozens of Mr. Wrongs before I finally found Mr. Right. Don’t waste four years of your life on trial and error. Get my book today so that you can skip all the hard parts and get right to the fun, exciting, and safe dating part.

I almost got Scammed

There was this very handsome man who told me everything I wanted to hear. It was my first experience with online dating. I should have known something was up when he asked for my phone number and email address right away. In the email, he sent me a list of questions that sounded a lot like security questions. I Googled and discovered that he was a cliché scammer from Nigeria.

Wow! I dodged that bullet!

What I discovered from trying various online platforms is that there are scammers on every one of them, Christian sites and non-Christian sites alike. There are “men” on the other end of those messages who mean nothing but harm. Some are from foreign countries who have no intention on meeting you in person. Others live nearby but simply want to get in your bed. Many are after your money, identity, or possessions. This sounds scary, right? How do I find Mr. Right in all that mess?

That is why I wrote the book.

Online dating doesn’t have to be scary when you know why you are online in the first place. Defining your purpose and goals will help you weed out many of the scammers right from the start. In the book I explain exactly how to do just that. If you are tired of discovering a scammer after weeks of flirting and laughing, get my book.

Maybe you are thinking that you’re not really good at reading. Check out the workbook companion that I also wrote to accompany the book. The workbook will ask you questions, walk you through the process and really dig into your purpose. By the end of the book and workbook, you’ll know exactly why you want to go online and who you are looking for. You’ll be happy to bypass a pretty face because his profile doesn’t cut the mustard.

You’ll never ask yourself again, How do I find Mr. Right?

What are you waiting for? Go online right now. A Christian Girl’s Guide to Online Dating is only available on Amazon. You can get the paperback or the Kindle version, whichever suits you.

Grab a copy today and then come back and let me know what you think!

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