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Why You Need the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Why would I want you to buy an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet?

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As a life coach, I’m always looking for ways that women can pour into their self-value. How can a woman who’s been through a divorce find her way out? What are some tips and tricks to getting past the hurt? Can she find value within herself again? These are questions that I like to answer.

amazon kindle fire tablet

These questions are for anyone who’s hit some rough patches in life. If I had to guess, I’d say that’s all of us. Everyone has gone through a tough time whether it be from a death, divorce, loneliness, failure, abuse, neglect, or something else.

A path to healing requires many tools. One’s toolbox could be full of things like a life coach, therapist, doctor, yoga, exercise, friends and self-help books. I find reading to be a great tool for the toolbox. There are many different subjects to read that will help one get over the past. Because there is so much to read, I recommend buying an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet.

This amazing little device can have all your books in your hand.

Those who have been through a trauma and are looking for books on forgiveness, healing, and restoration can find them in the Kindle store. Once healing has begun, there is a maintenance phase. More books can be purchased. You can have an entire library of books ready for you to read anytime you need them.

Imagine that you are at the doctor’s office and you are told that the doctor is running behind. Well, pull out your Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet and get to reading. This will not only help you to relax while you wait, it will also feed your brain and your self-worth.

Reading is a way to exercise your brain.

It keeps you mentally healthy. This is especially true when you read self-help books. Imagine how much easier it will be to heal when you incorporate the message from a self-help book into the things you are already doing such as therapy, physical exercise, and prayer.

Reading an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet is easy. There is one next to my chair in the living room. I read self-help books by Jentezen Franklin and Joyce Meyer. I also have cookbooks for the paleo diet, gluten-free diet, and campfire cooking. It is very helpful to have all of them in one place.

You might be thinking that I could just use the Kindle app on my phone. Well, yes, you can. I choose to do that only if I forget my Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. I like to put my phone away and silence it. There is something about setting aside the phone and getting lost in a good book. Putting the phone away is another small act of self-care. It’s okay to not answer the phone if it rings. If someone has to wait on a return text for 30-minutes it’s fine. The weight is off your shoulders when you release yourself from having to be at your phone’s beck and call.

Taking the time to read a good book is practicing self-care. This is another way to heal from past hurts and hang-ups. Self-care is critical after a loss or trauma. It is also a necessary part of the day. Some days my daughter will be told to leave me alone because I’m going to take a bath and read. I silence my phone, fill the tub, and add essential oils. I read for about 20 minutes. This is my time to relax and unwind.

Don’t forget the case!

Getting an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet was one of the wisest purchases I’ve made.

It has been one of my go-to electronic devices. I like the feel of the device. It’s just the right size. The Kindle is very easy to navigate. Best of all, all my devices sync up automatically. If I choose to buy a book using my home computer, it will automatically download it to my Kindle Fire.

If you are interested in reading any of my books, you’ll need Kindle to do so. My books are available only on Amazon.

Please make the decision today to do something nice for yourself. You are worth it! Reading is a great way to practice self-care and getting a Kindle Fire will make reading life a lot easier.

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