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Letting Go of the Past

let go of the past and embrace the future

Letting go of the past may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do but often it is necessary. Don’t see it as a negative thing, rather embrace it and allow the letting go catapult you into a brilliant future.

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Let’s face it, ladies, letting go isn’t always our strongest trait. We like to hold onto things. Chew on them for a while. That is exactly what you shouldn’t do. Letting go of the past is a key to opening the door to the future.

The first step to living a dream life filled with happiness and possibilities is to let go of what once was.

Is that easy? No, it may not be. It might be cliché to say but it’s a good one, “nothing worth doing is easy.” You have to decide if you want easy or you want happy? Both? I’m sure it is possible to have both but at what expense?

Letting go of the past is an important part of moving into the future. Carrying old baggage gets heavy. Baggage is heavy on your heart and your back. Do you ever have unexplained pain? Pain in your back or joints? I’m no doctor but do you think it could be that old baggage you’ve been carrying around?

Get Unstuck by Losing the Baggage

Are you stuck in the same place you’ve been for months or years? Could it be the baggage because you aren’t letting go of the past? Are you weighed down so much that you are stuck in a rut like a truck in the mud?

While it might be fun to go muddin’ now and again, it is never fun to get stuck in life’s mud. Is there a way to get unstuck? Have you tried before with no success?

don’t take the baggage with you

Make Changes

Consider making some changes to your daily routine. Human beings are creatures of habit. We like routine and knowing what is coming at us. It’s that need for knowing that gets us stuck. If you are serious about getting unstuck, it’s time to make some changes.

Picture what you want your life to look like next month, six months, or next year. Is that sticky mud a part of it? I know it is definitely not a part of my future. I wholeheartedly believe in picturing what you want your life to look like. Channel your inner child and follow your imagination. What does the picture look like now?

With your picture in mind, what changes can you make while letting go of the past? Examples of changes:

  • Getting up half an hour earlier
  • Staying up half an hour late
  • Skipping the $4 coffee
  • Getting a side gig
  • Volunteering on the weekends
  • Going for a walk every day
  • Working out
  • Eating choices
  • Online dating
  • Reading more books
  • Journal Every Day

The list could go on because letting go of the past is personal and will be different for every person.

If you are ready to let go of the past and would like someone to walk with you through the process of finding happiness in your future; 1. send me an email. 2. Like my page. 3. Private message me for more information. 4. join my group

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