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Journaling: The Key to a Healthy Emotional Life

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I believe that journaling is the key to a healthy emotional life

Why am I so obsessed with journaling? It has been a way of life for me pretty much my entire life. Although, I believe when you are a little girl, they call it a diary.

A journal is your own private place to collect your thoughts. It’s a safe space to sort your feelings. It’s a reminder that things are not as bad as we first thought. On the contrary, a journal may also be the place that shows you how bad it actually is.

When it comes to journaling, the sky is the limit.

There are no rules or guidelines. You can write in pencil, pen, or even crayon. Who cares? It’s your journal. Write with bad spelling, incorrect grammar, and lacking punctuation. No one is going to read it, grade it, or criticize you for what you wrote.

Your journal is private, and you should keep it that way. This is your safe space to write down how you are feeling. It can be the place where you vent about your boss so that you don’t get fired for talking around the water cooler. A journal is where you write out the pros and cons of an important decision. It is also the place you go to when you have no one else to talk to.

Journal to a healthier you

Talk to Yourself

Nobody is going to think you are crazy for talking to yourself in your journal. You need expert advice and who knows you better than you? Go ahead and talk to yourself in your journal. Write a letter that begins, “Dear Me”. If you were a therapist, what would you tell yourself? This is a really great exercise to go back and read in a few weeks, months, or even years.

Yes, I said years.

Keep your journal for the course of your life. Trust me, you’ll wish you had. You’re going to want to go back and remember how bad life was once you are out of that situation. It’s fun to read about the time when you had that crazy date where you got lost in the city. You’ll wonder why you were so worried about the decision to change jobs because you love your new job now.

Writing in a journal is an important way to pass on your legacy to your children. This is also a safe place to talk about them. Yes, I said it, you can use your journal to talk about your children. I believe that you should also pray for your kids. Starting a prayer journal can change your life. You can also write letters to your kids. Someday, you’ll be gone, and they might read your journals, especially if you create journals addressed to them. I’m sure that they would love to hear your words of wisdom, praise, and even correction.

Where to Start

Journaling may not be something you’ve ever thought about doing. Although journaling is the key to a healthy emotional life, you may not know where to start. Lucky for you, I’ve done the heavy lifting. I created a journaling workbook that is going to transform your life. 65 pages filled with journaling questions and writing pages. Each day you’ll open your workbook, read, think, write, and act. Use the 31-Days to Transform Your Life Journal, every single day of the month. Writing in this journal should inspire you to make positive changes in your life. It should help you to solve problems and answer questions. Most importantly, sticking to all 31 days will create a habit. Creating a habit may be all that you need to make journaling an indispensable part of your routine.

Click here to get the 31-Days to Transform Your Life Journal. Begin your transformation immediately with this quick and easy download. Print your journal and get to writing.

Happy journaling from Coach Donna!

7 thoughts on “Journaling: The Key to a Healthy Emotional Life

    1. The journal is 31 days of journaling prompts, suggestions, information, and challenges. It is 65 pages long. Sorry, it is not free but thanks for asking.

  1. I love journaling! It has helped me process through so many emotions, the tragic loss of my father, the crazy ups and downs of an addictive relationship and so much more. I cannot expound enough on how much journaling can bring you self awareness and healing from buried trauma. Thanks so much for sharing!

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