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Sitting in a Coffee Shop Alone

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Alone in a coffee shop

Sitting at a Coffee Shop Alone

When you are sitting at a coffee shop, what do you think about?

Are you brave enough to go alone or would you never?

Well, here I am, sitting at Biggby coffee enjoying an iced coffee with coconut creamer. Before you ask, no, Biggby doesn’t offer coconut creamer. I bring my own.

This is one way of taking care of oneself. It may seem small, but many wives would pay money for just one hour of time to sit alone and enjoy a cup of coffee.

What I do when I’m sitting alone at a coffee shop.

  • Put earbuds in. These little blue gems are wonderful. I can use them to listen to music or an online sermon. Often, I will put them in and listen to nothing. Those around me assume I can’t hear them because I’m drowning out the coffee shop with in-ear audio. My earbuds are blue and small because it is so hard for me to find ones that actually stay in my ear.
  • When I am sitting at a coffee shop alone, I will bring my computer. I like to write. Whether it is journaling, venting, or giving thanks, you can find me writing. Writing is therapeutic. I love it. One day you will read a book I’ve written. It’s a dream that I am working towards because it is always good to keep on dreaming.
  • Surf the internet for my next great adventure. I often find myself sitting at a coffee shop alone dreaming about where I want travel. The mountains, beaches, and rivers are all awaiting my arrival. I can’t wait to be sitting in front of a firepit with the view of a lake in front of me.
  • Shopping. Online shopping is way more convenient and less time-consuming than walking in and out of brick and mortar buildings. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy buying local, especially at farmer’s markets, but there are just some things that need to be bought online. Amazon and Kohls are my go-to online stores.
Drink Tea

By the time I’m finished with any one of these tasks, my hour of self-care is typically over.

I’m ready to go back to the family and tackle the chores, cooking, and errands. Sitting in a coffee shop alone is no small appointment. I highly encourage it.

I suggest that you put it on your schedule. Call it an appointment. Go. Don’t be afraid to sit alone and enjoy a latte or even a cup of tea. Did you know that you don’t have to buy coffee at a coffee shop? Tea, water, juice, and snacks are all served here.

The point is, get up and get going. Join my Facebook group to help you.

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