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Should I Choose Whiskey?

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Should I choose whiskey?

Should I choose Whiskey?

Have you ever had one of those days when you just know that you are about to make a choice? The two choices are polar opposites. Option number one is destructive but feels good and can be a lot of fun. Option number two is cliché but has never let you down. What do you do?

Today I’ve been having one of those days. I opened the cabinet and staring at me with longing was a bottle of Jim Beam whiskey. I reached for the bottle, opened the lid, and smelled its contents. That familiar aroma takes me back to places that are far in the past. Jim Beam smells like Texas. Oh, how I long to be in Texas.

Should I Choose Whiskey?

I turn my head and look at the wall knowing what is staring at me. There is a cross that represents a sacrifice that was made for me. It’s my safe place. A cross may just be a piece of wood or jewelry to someone else but for me, it is so much more. The cross is the place where Jesus paid the price. He defeated death, Hell, and the grave – for me.

I’m in pain. My heart hurts and my nerves are shot. I have no one to talk to and I feel as though there isn’t a soul in the universe that could possibly understand my plight. The weight of the world is on my shoulders. Physically, financially, and spiritually, I’m living on the edge.

whiskey or the cross

I have a choice to make. Should I Choose Whiskey or the Cross?

The pain screams, “Grab the bottle!”

My heart says, “Turn to Jesus.”

What would you do? Have you had a day when you just wanted a drink? Am I really all alone? Is there no one who will see and understand me? The weight that I feel is deep inside and it is painful and lonely. I have so much responsibility that often I believe it is too much for one person to bear. Yet, here I sit.

The Cross in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other.

If I choose the whiskey, I know that I will feel better. The amazing aroma, the flavor…it all takes me back to simpler days. The warm liquor coats my throat and soothes my nerves. It tastes so good and I wonder why I ever stopped spending the night with Jim Beam. Oh, that’s right, I have children and responsibilities. Whiskey comfort lasts only as long as the bottle is full. Soon the bottle will be empty, and the pain will come back. Should I choose whiskey?

If I choose the Cross, I will have eternal comfort. There is nothing to put in a glass or sip while sitting in my chair. There is never going to be an empty bottle because the cross represents everlasting life. I need only call upon the name of the Lord. If I surrender my pain to Jesus, it’s gone forever.

Or is it?

John 16:33

I’ve been calling on the name of the Lord for more than 20 years now and He has never failed me yet. Whiskey has failed me and in fact, it betrays me. Once upon a time, whiskey was my friend but alas no more. I love the taste, but it doesn’t love me back. There is something about aging that is so unpleasant. The things that once brought comfort now bring pain.

Should I choose whiskey or the cross? The answer is simple. Jesus. It is always Jesus.

Will I ever taste whiskey again? Perhaps, but not because I’m in pain or long to drown out my sorrows. Turning to the bottle and not the cross is destructive and will not solve my problems. Today I choose to kneel before the King of kings and literally cry out for help.

Choose this day whom you will serve but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Are you on the edge? Do you need to make a choice as I did? You are not alone. Contact me here.

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