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Coach Donna Patrick

Custom Life Coaching Packages

Custom life coaching packages are available after a free 30-minute assessment session. As a life coach, I recognize the unique needs of individual people. My specialty is in helping women, particularly those who are divorced and those entering the dating scene. My typical client is between the ages of 40-70. There is never any shame in asking for help. In fact, asking for help is a sign of strength.

Dating today is nothing like it was when I was fresh out of high school. It is so important that us ladies stick together and help each other out with the ever-changing dating scene and social media. It is especially critical that we help each other out with dating etiquette, language, and expectations. I remember feeling like I had entered the twilight zone when I got divorced and began online dating.

Don’t worry ladies, I’ve got your back!

My custom life coaching packages will help women in any stage of life. Whether you are newly divorced and looking for a new chapter in life want to work on yourself, or entering the dating scene for the first time in two decades. It is my desire to help women find happiness no matter what that looks like. Please feel free to contact me via email (donnagetsup@gmailcom) or Facebook or reply to this blog post.

Custom life coaching packages are created for the individual. I’ll give you a free 10-minute session so that we can talk. I’ll assess your goals and then assemble a custom package created for your unique needs.

Private message me to get a free 30-minute session where I can get to know you better and see if I can help.

Here are just a few things that may appear in your custom life coaching package.

  • I have created a 7-week program specifically for divorced women. I help divorced women who are not happy with life, confidently move forward with their lives, and achieve happiness by embracing singleness, making wise decisions, and learning to love themselves.
  • If you are a divorced woman and would like to move forward, join my private FB Group Here

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